Hourly Paramedic and EMT

The LCVFD is currently accepting applications for hourly Paramedics and EMTs.

Come grow with us!

Medic Application

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Volunteer Firefighter/EMT

The LCVFD has an ongoing recruitment of volunteer firefighters and EMTs. We provide all the fire training from the State of Indiana required Mandatory to specialty training. Being a member of the LCVFD does take a time commitment and willingness to work hard. Being a volunteer doesn’t mean you can just show up. Just like a paid firefighter, it requires you to attend mandatory training classes. The State mandatory training class is approximately 80 hours in length. Of those 80 hours, 40 hours is classroom and approximately 40 is hands-on learning. It requires you to pass a state written test and a practical skills test. Once your mandatory is completed, you can start making emergency calls. The LCVFD by-laws state once you become a firefighter, you must complete your Firefighter 1 training within 2 years. We do these classes also! Usually this class is 50 hours of classroom and 75 hours of hand-on learning. This class is where you learn to get dirty and fight fires!

Meetings: We have business meetings on the first Monday of every month at 7pm.

Truck Checks are prior to the monthly meetings

Fire training is on each Monday at 7pm

EMS training is on the last Monday at 7pm

Junior Firefighters

The Cadet/ Junior Firefighter program allows youth to learn the job of being a firefighter. Cadets are required to have parental consent and be between 14-18 years old. Cadets under 16 must have a parent as an active member. They must maintain good grades in school and follow the rules of the cadet program.



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