Ambulance Service

Our EMS service provides Paramedic and BLS first response to our community and backup 911 to Decatur County EMS. We also provide transfers for local hospitals.We carry Lifepak 15 cardiac monitors, LUCAS 3 and Zoll Autopulses, CareFusion LTV 1000 ventilators and Stryker power cots.

Medic 44 is a 2019 Ram 5500 4×4. This unit is assigned at Margaret Mary Health in Batesville. It is staffed 24/7 with a Paramedic and EMT for the hospital transfers.
Medic/Squad 441 2019 Dodge 5500 4×4 Medwerks remount.
Medic/Squad 446
Medic/Squad 443

Reserve Medic/Squad 442
Retired Medic/Squad 443

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