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Message from the Chief


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As I sit here typing this message, first responders are putting their lives in harms way due to COVID-19. Fire, EMS, Nurses, Doctors and many more people are having to deal with this epidemic. They are having to deal with very sick people and with very limited personal protective equipment. This virus is deadly! We have transported patients to MICU beds that may not make it home to their families! Please, Please, abide by the local, state and federal recommendations. I brushed it off early on and have seen the effects of it on people. It can and will kill many!  



Chief Matthew L. Morrow


Our Equipment

Tanker/Pumper 440
Tanker/Pumper 444
Utility 462
Rescue 460


Ladder 452
Brush/Refill 454


Battalion 40- Chiefs command

History of the LCVFD

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